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Quality Principles

What does quality mean in participatory arts?

Case Studies

How organisations and artists are using the quality principles.

ArtWorks Cymru: Developing practice in participatory settings in Wales

ArtWorks Cymru is a partnership programme based in Wales developing practice in participatory settings, supporting the continuing professional development of artists at different stages of their career working in participatory settings, and advocating for the value of participatory arts.

The 2019 – 2021 ArtWorks Cymru programme focused on the further development of the ArtWorks Cymru Quality Principles, the development of a coaching model for freelance participatory artists, and a training offer for the ArtWorks Cymru partnership.

Knowledge Centre

Here you will find a range of resources relating to participatory practice, quality, evaluation, and more. We also have an archive of videos for you to watch. Please contact us if you have come across a good resource or have one yourself that you would like to share.