ArtWorks Cymru CPD - FLUX: Art, Society and Responsibility

Date: 09/13/2016 | Category: Events

2pm - 5pm Sunday 16th October 2016

Cardiff MADE, 41 Lochaber Street, Cardiff

FLUX is a forum for artists from all disciplines to share practices that seek to raise awareness of social issues. The objective being, to understand how creativity can be used to alight curiosity and awareness of situations often too politicized or complex to communicate in other ways, to raise the profile of arts social voice and of course trouble shoot difficulties encountered when attemping it.

Come and join us, speak about your practice. It doesnt have to be well established you may simply have an idea, a question to pose, if so, sign up to this event as a 'contributor' for a 10 minute session to share your thoughts amongst interested friends, collegues, organisations and if your lucky, a network of potential collaborators!

If you are an interested observer wanting to learn about the diversity of socially engaged art practices in our city sign up to this event as an 'attendee'. 

Dancers / Actors / Poets / Story Tellers / Musicians / Muralists / Film Makers / Illustrators / Participatory Artists

Please come and share!

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FLUX is led by Natasha Mayo and is part of the Beyond Borders project which is running throughout October exploring the themes of journeying and asylum through creative process. Check out Natasha's Blog for more information.