Emerging, Established, Exploring

Date: 01/29/2016 | Category: Events

A Peer to Peer Practice Based Mentoring Network for Participatory Arts Practitioners in Wales

If you are fresh out of college and looking for experience, or if you are yearning to offload the weight of your lifelong experience, this one day sharing event is for you.

We will use participatory arts practice to explore and investigate issues that participatory arts practitioners face today.

There will be participatory opportunities in the morning with some of the most experienced arts practitioners in Wales.

In the afternoon you will be invited to offer and to facilitate a practice to explore issues of relevance to you.
The aim is to use creative practices to process the changes that we seek in ourselves and in the environments in which we work.
Lunch is provided.

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10.00 Introducing Artswork Wales: Rhian Hutchings (Artswork Wales)
10.15 Welcome to a Practice Based Mentoring Network: Iwan Brioc (The Republic of the Imagination)
10.45 Pitching the Breakout Sessions

11.00 Breakout Sessions
Issue: Isolation
Practice: Group Installation: 'Mycelium' - nourishing the roots
Practitioner: Arts4Wellbeing

Issue: Anxiety
Practice: Context Oriented Dance (CODa)
Practitioner: Aleksandra Jones

Issue: Re-igniting the spark
Practice: Writing: fairy tale, poem or song
Practitioner: Pauline Down

Issue: Barriers
Practice: Context Oriented Theatre
Practitioner: Iwan Brioc

12:30 Plenary
13:00 Lunch (provided)
During which those who want to offer a practice post up their proposal.

13:45 Guest Practitioners pitch their practice
14:00 Breakout sessions
15:30 Plenary
16:00 Tea, Coffee and goodbyes