Collaboratively Planned, Evaluated and Safe

A good project needs to be carefully planned. This includes an understanding of the roles of all stakeholders involved in the project. Work needs to be monitored and evaluated, with a view to continually improving what we do. However, evaluation should not happen just at the end of the project; it needs to be built in throughout the process. Projects need to be risk assessed and safe for everyone taking part.

Key quality indicators include:

  • All stakeholders are clear about their roles within the project
  • Time has been earmarked in the schedule for planning and evaluation
  • Artists are involved in planning from an early stage
  • There are appropriate risk assessments and safe guarding policies in place 
  • It's clear who holds responsibility for health and saftey and first aid

Your space – note down the key quality indicators for your project / programme in relation to this principle or use the worksheet to make a personal map.

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