Suitably Situated and Resourced

Participatory projects requires a range of resources. The key ones are:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Stuff
  • Staff

The resources need to be negotiated between everyone who's involved - those beyond the room (funders), those outside the room (project managers, or commissioners) and those in the room (the artists and the participants). Sometimes the resources are less than ideal for an excellent project. This will have an impact on the final quality.

Key quality indicators include:

  • The space that is used has been carefully thought about and is fit for purpose
  • The schedule takes into account the needs of the participants and gives enough time for artists to deliver what is planned
  • Budget has been allocated for any resources needed
  • Time is scheduled in for preparation and planning
  • The project or programme has the appropriate staff in place

Your space – note down the key quality indicators for your project / programme in relation to this principle or use the worksheet to make a personal map:

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