Shared Ownership and Responsibility

Quality work requires support from everyone who's involved. There can be a wide range of people involved in a project or programme: those 'in the room' (the participants and artists) 'outside the room' (commissioner, project manager, care workers, etc) and 'beyond the room' (the funders, the company directors, etc.). They all have influence over the work and its outcomes.

Ownership in participatory arts projects is widely shared, and clear communication and support between stakeholders helps to build trust as work progresses.

Key quality indicators include:

  • All stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Partners are actively engaged and involved in planning
  • Artists are well supported as they deliver the activity
  • All stakeholders advocate and value the activity and its outcomes
  • The ownership of the activity and its outcomes has been discussed and is clear

Your Space - note down the key quality indicators for your project / programme in relation to this principle, or use the worksheet to make a personal map:

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