Who's Involved

There are lots of different people involved in participatory arts projects and programmes. Find out who does what here.

In the Room

Artists are the leaders of participatory arts projects. Artists have a direct influence on what happens in the room and how a project is experienced. They bring their artform, knowledge, skills and experience to the project. They may also be project managing the work as well as delivering. Sometimes they are also the company director and the commissioner!

Participants are the centre of any participatory arts project. They undertake projects for many different reasons and find their way to the room from different places. Their contributions and decisions in the room make the project happen.

Carers, Teachers or Parents may be in the room accompanying the participant as they take part in the participatory arts project. They have influence over the project outcome through the support and encouragement they give to the participant.

Just Outside the Room

The commissioner drives the key objectives, sets the budget and schedule, often provides space and resources and communicates the project to other stakeholders. They could be an arts organization, a voluntary group or a non-arts organization.

A Producer or project manager can be employed by the commissioner to oversee the work. They might be in the room occasionally, but will also be outside organizing resources, spaces, managing the budget and communicating the project to other partners.

Other staff in the venue will also be just outside the room. They may not know about the project or why it’s taking place, and it might be important to tell them about the work and get them on board.

Furthest from the Room

Funders, board members and company directors are often furthest from the room. They have influence over strategy, money and policy. They need to have a good understanding of what the work is and why it is happening, as they often have influence on how it is perceived and valued.